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WytchesVolume 1Snyder, ScotteBookeComic hoopla
Superman & the Justice League of AmericaVolume 2Jurgens, DanGraphic NovelY GN JUR
She Could FlyCantwell, ChristophereBookeComic hoopla
WitchfinderVolume 5, Issue 1-5. City of the DeadMignola, MikeeBookeComic hoopla
B.P.R.DVampire. Issue 1-5Mignola, MikeeBookeComic hoopla
B.P.R.D. Hell on EarthVolume 5Mignola, MikeeBookeComic hoopla
Sacred CreaturesVolume 1, Issue 1-6, A Mixture of MadnessRaimondi, PabloeBookeComic hoopla
Justice League Task ForceVolume 1, Issue 1-12, The Purification PlagueMichelinie, DavideBookeComic hoopla
Every Me, Every YouVolume 0, Issue 7-12Rivera, JoneBookeComic hoopla
Kill the MinotaurIssue 1-6Pasetto, ChriseBookeComic hoopla
DC/Young AnimalMilk WarseBookeComic hoopla
IncognegroRenaissanceJohnson, MatGraphic NovelGN JOHNSON M
Batman/Detective ComicsVol. 8, On the OutsideHill, Bryan EdwardGraphic NovelY GN HIL
Get Jiro!Blood & SushiBourdain, AnthonyeBookeComic hoopla
Rise of the Black FlameIssue 1-5Mignola, MichaeleBookeComic hoopla
Red KingdomMignola, MichaelBookGN MIGNOLA M
Batman/The ShadowThe Murder Geniuses. Issue 1-6Snyder, ScotteBookeComic hoopla
HellboyInto the Silent SeaMignola, MichaeleBookeComic hoopla
The Lost BoysVolume 1, Issue 1-6Seeley, TimeBookeComic hoopla
Batman by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo RissoAzzarello, BrianeBookeComic hoopla
BaltimoreVolume 8, Issue 1-5, The Red KingdomMignola, MichaeleBookeComic hoopla
John Constantine, HellblazerVolume 15, Issue 162-174, HighwaterAzzarello, BrianeBookeComic hoopla
Unfollow Vol. 2: God Is WatchingIssue 7-12Williams, RobeBookeComic hoopla
The FilthIssue 1-13Morrison, GranteBookeComic hoopla
Sandman Mystery TheatreIssue 13-24Wagner, MatteBookeComic hoopla
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