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Ferrous1 added a title to their For later shelf Sep 26 2020
Projects: Wrapped up and under the tree quilt -- Wrapped up and under the tree table runner and placemats -- Forest of trees stocking -- Candy canes and folded flying geese quilt -- Can't wait 'til Christmas calendar -- Visions of sugar plums...
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Sep 25 2020
"The Introvert's Way is an informal, chatty book. The author is a blogger and seems to prefer short-form writing. The chapters are only three or four pages long and generally move briskly from topic to topic, not always with a connection between ch..." Permalink
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DVD - 2020
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Ferrous1 made a comment Sep 17 2020
"Used to love the old Bond movies as a kid, but now... not so much. The explosions, intrigue, and flashes of humour are still there but this Bond really is horribly sexist where the women are incapable or incompetent, only useful as objects of desire." Permalink
Ferrous1 made a comment Sep 15 2020


DVD - 2019
"Highly recommend this mini-series as it really opens up a window on what life was like in Soviet Russia and how self-interest (both personal and national) and incompetence led to the disaster. Not an easy movie to watch though, as the cost in huma..." Permalink
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