Okay I have to say that was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. But there were certain points where I was very disappointed.
For one I did not like the ending what so ever. Okay fine the worlds are at peace and the magic is for everyone but, Kartik ending up taking Mrs.Spence's place as the tree honestly just really sucked. I wanted him and Gemma together.
That was pretty much the big point that I was disappointed at.
Another would be Pippa's death which I did not like at all. Okay the castle got sucked into the ground and they all just died with it, but that is so BORING. Also how did Wendy and Bessie end up being friends in the end? They constantly hated each other through out the whole book and all of a sudden they are working together. This links to something I am confused about, HOW DID WENDY SURVIVE? There was a blood bath and tons of people were killed but little old Wendy had survived it all. The fact that she had been in the Winterlands for that long and some how made is thorough without a scratch really amazes me.

In the end I will say that was an amazing series and totally worth reading and the wait. Libba you are an amazing author!

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