Wait a minute! You can't just return them.
-They said I wasn't a good fit.
There'll be another family, Michelle.
Oh, come on! Wait a minute!
-What's the matter with me?
Not a thing, Michelle. God's children are all perfect. In their own way.
Never lose hope, Michelle. There's a family out there for everyone.
-Come on, Agnes. Families are for suckers. Don't worry about me. I don't need anybody. I'm going straight to the top.
How did I get to my success level? What's my secret? I worked myself silly. Okay, number one. You work your ass off to get what you want. Number two.You do not let other people drag you down. 'Cause they will. They are an anchor in your life that you do not want. Cut 'em loose and sail off. If you work this program... You. Will. Get. Rich.
And I'm not talking about chump change. And I'm not talking about some loose dollar bills at the bottom of your purse. I'm talking about real fxcking money! Life-changing money!

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