All right. Do you think that if JFK lived, Robert Kennedy would've run for president, seriously?
-It's doubtful.
So, if Bobby doesn't run, that means no Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. Save JFK, save his brother. And that's what I mean about the butterfly effect. Then there's Vietnam.
-Uh, okay, so if you save JFK, then there's no Vietnam?
Johnson was the one who escalated everything in Nam. If Kennedy had survived, no way does that escalation continue. Those boys... would've lived.
-Al, I get it, but changing the past to make it how you think it should be just seems...
You think Vietnam unfolded exactly as it should have, that recent American history was just hunky-dory? Saving JFK is a theory. You don't know what it's gonna change! You know what I know? You save Kennedy's life, you make the world a better place. Don't you want to do any fucking thing that matters?
-God damn it! Al. I... You don't know that what you do in the past is gonna change anything here.

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