The hardest part about living in the past is that everything you tell everybody will be a lie.
There are bad people in this world, people who would seduce a man's wife, and someone has to do something about it.
- I'm from a different morality, product of another time. No one understands what I need to do for the greater good.
Tomorrow anything can happen, and it will. All we can do is try and be ready.
Pretend you can go back in time. You go back in time, and you can change one thing... One thing to alter history. What would you do?
- Kill Hitler.
-No, kill Saddam Hussein.
- You'd kill Hussein over Hitler?
- How about we go to 1930 when Hitler and Stalin met and kill them both?
- Hitler and Stalin never met.
- Okay, lots of killing going on.
-Or we could go back and kill Homer so we wouldn't have to read this dumb book.

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