The Utopia of Rules
The Utopia of Rules On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy By Graeber, David Book - 2015

Thanks to the review of StarGladiator, I checked out THE UTOPIA OF RULES. It is the most-recent book by Occupy Wall Street activist academic anthropologist anarchist David Graeber, and it was a pleasure to read. Graeber moves effortlessly between history, sociology, feminist theory, comic books, movies, anthropological field work and personal anecdotes. There aren't many thinkers who can display such erudition and in a style that is accessible. What you should come away with is a deeper understanding how the state works at the most basic of levels. Violence. All these rules that the state is forever promulgating, as our lives grow ever more complicated with "paperwork," Graeber reminds us, it is all built, both implicitly and explicitly, on violence.

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