Canadian-born philosopher, Marshall McLuhan (born in Edmonton, Alberta, 1911) was a highly-influential media analyst whose research into communication theory was (and, is) viewed as being one of the major cornerstones in this particular field of study during the 1960s.

It's certainly of no real surprise that with the eventual arrival of the internet, interest in McLuhan's work and perspective has been renewed.

In "The Medium Is The Massage", McLuhan (who coined the phrase "global village") worked in collaboration with graphic designer, Quentin Fiore whose images, throughout this book, punctuate the writer's text.

Below are several quotes of McLuhan's, taken directly from this book which was written in 1967.

- The Hydrogen bomb is history's exclamation point.

- All media works us over, completely.

- Today too many people know too much about each other.

- The television generation is a grim bunch.

- Today's world does not incline a child to grow up.

In 1980, at the age of 69, Marshall McLuhan died quietly in his bed from a stroke.

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