If the kids in the breakfast club were all in trouble for being potential murderers this would be that book. I must say I liked the Part 2 much better than the first half of the book. This was due primary to my own person dislike of anxiety-causing, mistaken identity, no way out situations like the one Davy is thrust into after her diagnosis with HTS. I did enjoy the interactions she has with other "carriers." I did not like her winy self-loathing.
Part 2, once she makes it to the internment camp for "special" murderous-teens is much more in the vein of my preferred post-apocalyptic/dystopian story: girl gets beat up, girl grows stronger (mentally & physically, girl kicks-ass. And while I did like the male lead,Sean, he was kind of annoying in that he felt he constantly needed to save Davy.
Lastly, I understand that this was the first in a series, however, I felt as if it ended abruptly. There was a small climactic point towards the end of the book but not enough for carry the remainder of the novel. I would, though, read another installment!

Recommended if you like: dystopian, action, romance, child-murders (that's a genre right? I'm totally gonna start a bookshelf on Goodreads 4 books about child-murders, there are surprisingly quite a few)

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