Los cronocrimenes
Los cronocrimenes Timecrimes DVD - 2009 | Spanish

Intriguing and clever variation on the well-worn sci-fi time travel plot. This Spanish film starts with some horror-like elements: a mysterious phone call, a woman in the woods, a man whose face is covered in bloody bandages. I won't discuss the plot as it's better to go in cold. As with most time travel movies, your enjoyment is predicated on just accepting and not trying to figure out the logic (Something another time travel movie, "Looper," addressed directly.). Director Nacho Vigalondo keeps his set up simple and his cast small, which gives it an almost theatrical feel at times. I'm not sure it all makes sense, but it kept me interested and guessing. His latest film is the rather terrible looking monster comedy with Anne Hathaway, "Colossal." Also check out "Primer."

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