Supernatural The Complete Eleventh Season DVD - 2016

A surprisingly awesome season!

Here I thought that the show was just going to slide its way downhill, too old, too used-up, all the actors and writers just ready to let it go already. But hey, I made it this far, might as well keep watching it til the bitter end, right?

And that's when everything- the writing, the directing, the acting- all just perked right on up. It's like they've finally remembered what made the show great in the first place, tuned it up into tight episodes that are sometimes scary, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes tender, and always entertaining. There are great episodes ranging from Dean going back in time to steal an important weapon from a WW2 U-boat, to an episode where sports mascots are turning into their costumes and killing people. (Two of my favorite episodes of the season, BTW)

Also, this season has a parade of characters from the past seasons show up again to reward longtime fans. Good to see Bobby, Rufus, Sheriffs Jody and Donna, Lucifer, Alex, Claire- Oh, I don't know, how about KEVIN? And CHUCK?!?

Yes, there was evil to be fought this season. But it didn't get in the way of the storyline, and it was nice to see everyone teaming up and fighting together, instead of keeping secrets and being angry at each other. Also, keep in mind that the car gets its very own episode. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, you know you want to see it how the Impala sees it.

Man, what a refreshing season! They've still got it! I'm so glad they've been renewed again.

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