I checked out this movie during the Corona virus pandemic in Texas. I think I have seen this movie about seven times. The low point of the movie is when there is a train accident and one of the characters dies in the beginning. I usually skip this part because it is horrible and sad.
***If you get a chance, go to the main menu and find chapter 39 because that is my favorite. It is a scene at a Baptist church and the congregation is listening to a song about the 40 days and 40 nights of rainfall when Noah was alive with this ark. You can hear the drip, drop, drip, drip, drop. It is raining to the east. Raining to the west. Now add some rhythm and you have some great gospel music. I wish this scene was longer because it soothes and heals the soul after we learn how Ms. Ruth Jamison goes to heaven.
****This movie does not have fancy movie visual effects, but it does have excellent plot development and acting.

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