Men in Black
Men in Black International DVD - 2019

Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) reunion with Riza (Rebecca Ferguson):

Riza: I just love dumb, beautiful creatures. (Looking at Agent H) Well, this is familiar, isn't it? So... MIB finally showed you the door, eh?
Agent H: Showed myself out, actually.
Riza: Oh. Some horses are born to roam free. And others just get shot.
You always did know the way to my heart, didn't you? You always knew how to make mine beat that little bit faster. Not a neuralyzer in the world could make me forget that. I was actually looking forward to seeing my guns tear you to pieces, then I saw that perfect little face of yours, and... I had to know. -Know what?
I want to know the truth.
- Mm-hm.
Was this ever real?
- Hmm? This?
You, me? Was it? Was it?
-I knew who you were from the start. My job was to gain your trust and take you down when the opportunity came. That's the truth.
It's what I say to my heart... when it's like a voice inside my head.Oh, I know.
I couldn't fake that.

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