Black '47

Black '47

DVD - 2019
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One man's ruthless pursuit of justice plays out against the darkest chapter of Irish history in this riveting revenge thriller. In 1847, battle-hardened soldier Feeney deserts the British army to return home to Ireland, where he finds his country ravaged beyond recognition by the Great Famine. When he discovers that his mother has died of starvation and his brother has been hanged by the British, something snaps, sending Feeney on a relentless quest to get even with the powers-that-be.


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Feb 09, 2020

In Ireland, 1848, a fungus from Mexico caused the famous potato famine, reducing the potato production by 80%. In this film we are introduced to the horrible deadly effect of the British absent landlord laissez faire capitalism system on the peasant farmers of Ireland. This is a neo-realistic film of a tragic system that Charles Dickens never imagined. This is UK's sinful secret just like USA's post Civil War secret of the share cropping exploitation of ex-slaves.

Nov 18, 2019

3.0* A sad movie and time in history in Ireland. Ok film. Well acted.

Sep 15, 2019

So well done, acted, written, everything. This is a story everyone should know.

Aug 12, 2019

I rarely refer to others comments but kawcity says it so well. Irish Rambo. And the historical stuff too. Some of the songs aren't translated but it's not just the women and children as one comment says it's also the same for the men. There is no blatant sexism in this film

Jul 02, 2019

Don't understand why the Irish despise the British? Watch this movie. We were referred to as 'the irish problem.'

Jun 28, 2019

Well worth watching, it's a subject matter that hasn't been explored enough.

Jun 28, 2019

He’s an Irish Rambo, minus the automatic weapon. But he makes up for the lack of hardware with a monstrously wicked knife that slices and dices with a vengeance. The film is surprisingly entertaining and proves yet again every society finds a subset to persecute.

Jun 11, 2019

This is an Irish western that checks all the essential elements though the damsel in distress part is not merry like a Hollywood one ... it even ends with a lawman on horseback riding off to the horizon by his lonesome.

Mar 26, 2019

Despite its grim setting, or maybe even because of it, Black '47 is a gem. It's a period drama unlike others in its class (no flashy costumes, witty repartee, or ballrooms) that relays a horrific though oft-forgotten period in Irish history. That alone glued me to the screen, but the fine acting pushed it over the edge into noteworthiness. (Feeney's character was particularly compelling.) A good number of the cast were seasoned actors that I've seen in plenty of other film and TV productions, so they were fun to pick out. It's dark, it's heartless, but it's REAL, and I rooted for Feeney every brutal step of the way.

Mar 02, 2019

Very dark. Depressing movie about a depressing era. Very anti-British, particularly harsh on British aristocracy (I'm okay with that). My low rating is in large part about the subtitles. A little girl tells a long story in Gallic, but we aren't told what she says, women talk and the screen says "speaking in foreign language" but when the men talk we get every word translated. Are we still in the mindset that women and children can be seen but don't need to be heard? When are we going to see the end to blatant sexism?


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Jun 11, 2019

"For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Drunkenness and fecklessness is the economics of famine in the west.
-And the continued crop failure.
Failures, sir, lies in the character of people.
-Explain your total dependence upon the easiest grown staple learned to mankind.
Potato was the only way to feed so many over limited acreage. Food for the contented slave not the hardy and the brave.
You hanged my brother?
-I did nothing of the sort. If I did pass sentence on this brother of yours I simply assessed the evidence and interpreted the law the constabulary hanged him. Indeed some might say that he hanged himself the day he choose to commit his crime.

Jun 11, 2019

This potato business is simplified matters considerably. There are those who look forward to the day when a Celtic Irishman is as rare in Ireland as a Red Indian in Manhattan.
Take the prettiest English maiden.. put her for one season in an Irish cabin..
Feed her water and potato, dress her in rags and make her wade through bogs and sleep with the family pig. Take from her any hope that the future
will be different and when she crawls out of her hovel stretching out her scrawny hand for a penny... how much will she look like that pretty English maiden?
We did things for them that cannot be forgiven. And for what, when I come home to this? If I kill a man, they call it murder. If they do it, they call it war.
Providence.. ...justice. Where will my family get their justice.. ...if not from me?


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