Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

The Final Season

DVD - 2015
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Reeling from the death of the woman he loves, Jax Teller steers SAMCRO full-throttle down the hell-bound road to revenge, allowing nothing to stand in his way. The streets of Charming run red with blood as shifting alliances and fatal mistakes lead to chaos, betrayal, and all-out murder. The body count soars, and dark secrets give way to darker truths, until the only question remaining is who will live...and who will die.


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Aug 09, 2018

Why do you not have the DVD for season 6?

Oct 02, 2017

I really liked SOA and the last season was brutal and devastating. The show may be over the top at times, but the writing, acting and stunts are stellar. Of special note, it was genius to add Jimmy Smits to the show. To me Season 6 and Season 3 were the best. SPOILER: with everything that occurred, Tara's death and Gemma's manipulations it ended the only way it could-Jax saving the club by making the ultimate sacrifice, which despite him not being the best guy it was heartbreaking to see him go.

Oct 09, 2015

Oct 9 2015, Even though this show is so brutal, I am enjoying the acting, especially Jimmy Smits and Katey Sagal. I'm trying to figure out who the rat is....but I'm not doing so well. I'm thinking maybe it's Nero? I have 1 more episode to watch on the third disc. Then I have a long wait for the last two disc's. Gotta keep an eye on Bobby. I won't point the finger at him!......Jan 2 2016, well that was a long wait, and I have forgotten all about the rat, must say I'm a little lost, so will have to watch the first part of this season again, when it's not so popular and I can watch them back to back. That said, I enjoyed the last two discs, the music, the scenery, the acting, even if it was a bit sappy, (can you really say that this show is sappy? with all those bullet holes? and the skin?) At least it ENDED! (and I understood the ending, which is more than I can say for other shows.) Sitting here in the cold and snow, I really enjoyed that long ride at the end!

Oct 02, 2015

This show became more and more laughably moronic as time went on... and the ending (if you can call it that) is beyond idiotic. At some point I continued watching only because the series had become so bad it was good - so much fun to heckle and jeer at each increasingly ridiculous (and unbelievable) plot/arc/development/episode. The only thing that could have possibly improved this hot mess would have been if ALL of them had gotten hit by a truck (except for Venus, the most wonderful character EVER)

Jul 13, 2015

Don't Waste your time! I should preface this statement with the fact that I loved this series, every bit of them, from the music to the characters to yes the storyline.... However, this final season was unwatchable for me. I sat through two episodes and returned it to the library. Why did they even bother...they ruined it!

Jun 06, 2015

Okay, I can't hold back any more. I did watch this entire series, and yes, I actually liked first. Maybe the first two seasons anyhow. I won't go into a long rant about everything I hated about this show, but I will just say this: Anyone who has ever actually lived the lifestyle and/or spent a lot of time around so-called "bikers" and "criminals" in general, would have to agree that Jax Teller is about as believable a character as Santa Claus. I mean, seriously, it's a lot more than just the fact that real outlaw bikers would probably not ever have a young guy as their president no matter who his Daddy was, but they sure as hell would never allow him to get away with a fraction of the crap this punk pulls over the length of this show. Brotherhood is apparently lost on him unless it is convenient for his own gain. He sells out his own guys, makes deals with enemies and cops left and right, lies and hides things from club members until keeping it all straight is tough unless you have a script...seriously, this guy would have been left in a shallow grave by his own "bros" before the end of season one in any real outlaw biker club. Not to mention not making it back out of jail on any of their conveniently quick little stays inside...hmmm, white bikers being protected by the black guys, huh? lol But then it's the, wait, the AB got their back now...or do they? Really? All I can say is that by the time Jax did his little Jesus impersonation at the end, because Sutter apparently couldn't think of anything even this outrageously unrealistic show could pull off as a grande finale, I was only watching in the hope to see it at least finish on a somewhat realistic note. Nope. Standard Hollywood. Make sure to show that in the end crime does NOT pay, but do it in a way so all Jax's twelve year old female fans don't get too upset by actually seeing him look un-pretty. Man, you want a real laugh? Go look at the comments on the show's FB page from the day after the last episode played. Oh boy. Words like "overwrought" and "hyperbole" come to mind.

Jun 03, 2015

fantastic series - very violent but that is the context

May 22, 2015

These people are too slow for words. For example, Otto was left to rot in prison alone. So much for brotherhood. Even I know how to work up a psychiatric release for a low security facility. No one even talked about busting him out.

ravenheart Mar 23, 2015

Bizarre storyline, and not plausible in the least, but still entertaining enough to watch. I've been losing interest in this series since they killed off Opie, and then Clay. The show would've maintained it's edge much better, and much longer if the writers had kept two of it's best characters alive. Without many compelling characters left to watch, the show relies heavily on a high body count to make this last season float, and doesn't have the same suspense and tension that some of their previous seasons had.


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