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Set in 79 A.D., Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave turned invincible gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been unwillingly betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena in order to save his beloved as the once magnificent Pompeii crumbles around him.


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Jan 10, 2019

Very silly plot in which very little true history was followed.

That said, this movie is a fun ride. Gladiator themed scenes, love story worked in, lots of battle tension, etc.

All white cast, mostly British. Since it's a fun silly movie, why not?

Jan 11, 2018

I will admit that this is one of my favorite bad movies. I understand that filming disaster movies is not easy because then they'd have to focus on multiple happenings in each characters lives. This is why writers add a love story in a disaster movie so that there is a central point. There is definitely a lot of over-exageration in this movie (like the ship coming in on a big tsunami wave which I'm sure did not happen in real life). But theres also some truths in the movie as well, like the the relationships between slaves and their masters (there were different levels of slavery in Roman Italy at the time and this is evident between Milo and Cassia's slave. Milo could not speak to anyone other than his own kind, where as Cassia and her slave were best friends, because she has been taking care of her since Cassia was very young). There's the truths in the kind of people Romans were as far as the violence goes. They weren't "romantic" like a lot of people have been made to believe. There's the focus on the violence which was central in ancient Roman culture, most especially avenging revenge on your enemy. This is nothing new. I really enjoyed the visual effects in the movie and I enjoyed Keifer Sutherland playing the villian again. He's pretty good in such roles. I also want to add that if you want straight up nothing but historical content on the actual event, it is best to watch a documentary instead of this movie.

May 15, 2017

I read the comments, which... Folks, It's a LOVE movie, a chick-flick with violence. Sorry - it's done perfectly well enough if you're not addicted to fantastical fantasy in action and catastrophic shock and awe every 10 seconds. Neither is it historical gospel (although we know so little about Pompeii that we don't really know that such a story did NOT take place). Although there's a good bit of realism with regard to the hierarchical stations of the day. And that's a central part of it's story - about people - getting over their stuff, amid fairly fantastic special effects, by the way (oh, and vengeance is another central theme, as well as courageous women breaking tradition). True, It has only a very few of the great actors that apparently too many of us (with that "winner-loser" value system) are over-influenced to bow down to. Folks, it's a love story with perks.

Feb 17, 2017

One of the typical super-predictable Hollywood garbage movies. Bad.

Aug 19, 2015

The special effects are good, the acting is passable but the storyline is boring and predictable since we all know how it ends.

Jul 30, 2015

Reminds me of Russel crow's "Gladiator". This movie is less about the destruction of Pompeii than it is about one slave / gladiator who, while trying to win the heart of a princess, also tries to get revenge on the Romans who murdered his family.

May 25, 2015

Such nonsense. The only pompeii is the burning of the place. The rest is gibberish.

May 06, 2015

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Apr 28, 2015

Special effects weren't too bad - definitely not top notch. When a review leads with a comment about special effects - that tells you about the rest of the movie. The gladiator scenes were decent as well, fairly well performed, but the movie just missed out on pace, interest, and anything compelling to drive it.

Apr 02, 2015

Actually good special-effects and a better movie than I thought. I thought the characters were pretty good considering. They drug it out at the end. But all in all pretty good movie

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X_andor_Who Aug 01, 2014

Other: Neighborly Notice: Sapient Sages Become Enslaved Via Sick Society And Its Sick Ways: Because the people pluribus, miserably, misbehave, we have two gladiator slaves, and them, showing us, in this story, how we can grow and be sapiently saved. –X; Who

X_andor_Who Aug 01, 2014

Violence: Neighborly Notice: Virile Violence: Swords are swiftly swung, they are as corporeally stabbin’. If I remember correctly, even an axe was flung! -X; Who

X_andor_Who Aug 01, 2014

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Neighborly Notice: A Venomous Environment: We have fellow creatures, whom have become gladiatorial slaves, and they, fighting other creatures, other slaves… dismembering parts and hearts and other creatures’ features… all for fun and for said games. –X; Who


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Sep 24, 2014

A Gladiator: They say that Celt
is faster even than you.
Atticus: They always say that.

Cassia: Men killing each other for amusement is not a sport.
Cassia: Is this what you call sport?
Corvus: No, Lady Cassia, this is not sport. This is politics.

aaa5756 Aug 06, 2014

“One person can make a difference and every person should try.” –John F Kennedy


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X_andor_Who Aug 01, 2014

Tags Summary: slavery, sick society, sick spirits, gladiators, weapons, warriors, weapon wielding warriors, honor, volcano, mass deaths, seismic activity, coliseum, amphitheatre, the theatre, Rome, fighting for freedom, fighting for friendship, avenging, an avenging angel, colonies, horses, horse riding, equestrian, greed is their creed, tyrants, nationalism, rebellion, ashes to ashes, story sums the human experience. –X; Who


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