Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

DVD - 2014
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As global Cold War tensions mount and organized crime escalates in the U.S., a young, ambitious man from a wealthy family rises to become the leader of the free world. At the same time, a former dedicated Marine grows disillusioned with America. When their paths ultimately cross, the course of U.S. history will forever change.


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May 08, 2018

I found this an interesting interpretation of the assignation of President Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was obviously mentally unstable and the way this movie shows his character developing is well done. Good movie.

Mar 24, 2016

Subtitles were an okay size, white with no background.
Enjoyed this documovie. Actors were okay but I liked the people they choose for the 8-part mini-series 'The Kennedy's' better. Despite this it gave great insight & detail into how Lee became who he did & why he did what he did. Perhaps he even suffered from a mental illness?

May 24, 2015

A conjectural account on Lee Harvey Oswald's motivation in carrying out the assassination of JFK. Serious topic aside, it can be watched as a political thriller on why/how a lone wolf did the unmentionable. Will Rothhaar as Oswald (himself shot dead at 24) was one cold chilling psychopathic on screen, a poster boy for domestic hubris extremists.

Jun 20, 2014

A rather bland retelling of this dramatic event in history. it gives a lot of detail especially about Oswald and shows Oswald as the only assassin-no conspiracy theories in this film. Rob Lowe plays Kennedy as a rather low key guy who learns to stand up to the hawkish generals whose solution to anything is to drop bombs. Jacqueline Kennedy is portrayed as a little frumpish and the actress portraying her is too short and plump to be believable. I far preferred Oliver Stone's 'JFK'-may not have stuck to 'the facts' but was a lot more interesting and had some great performances.

Mar 18, 2014

[Based on Bill //Loofah \\ O'Reilly's book? The guy who can't even locate his own genitals?]
So let's look at the facts not included in O'Reilly's drivel:
So-called and alleged assassin, Lee Oswald, works in the Texas School Book Depository building, the job obtained for him with help by Ruth Paine, whose // unofficial aunt, a close friend of her mother's not a blood relative \\ was the mistress of fired CIA director, Allen Dulles, and Ruth's sister was a career CIA employee, as was her sister's husband. The TSBD building was owned by D.H. Byrd, oil man and founder of the Dallas Petroleum Club, among whose members were Mohrenschildt, CIA handler of Oswald, and David Atlee Philips, head of the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division.
The Zapruder fellow who shot the film which appears to later have been tampered with, worked in the next door Dal-Tex building, which also housed an office of Harold Jameson, a fellow connected with big oil, organized crime, had his very own FBI file, and was related to Donald Jameson, head of the CIA's Soviet Union/Covert Affairs desk. [We know this because Jameson was stopped and questioned by the DPD shortly after the assassination, and most incredibly would be again stopped and questioned by the LAPD in 1968, nearby the Ambassador Hotel where Sen. Bobby Kennedy was assassinated!]
Owner of the Dal-Tex building was Morris Jaffe, a major donor to LBJ's presidential bid [$9 million total] whose father-in-law, Sam Bloom, would be later intimately involved in Jack Ruby's trial, and who interdicted the attempt to change the venue by attorney Belli [move the trial from Texas to D.C.]. A relative of Bloom employed the main presidential visit contact in Dallas.
On Nov. 22, 1963, an expulsion order, issued by the CIA and not the INS, ordered the pickup of known attempted assassin of President Charles de Gaulle of France, Jean Souetre, in Dallas. He [and perhaps other assassins] would be flown out of the country on the requisitioned military aircraft - - back to Europe to parts unknown - - how very, very odd and suspicious?!?! [From declassified CIA/State/FBI files]
Starting to pick up on a pattern here, perhaps? ? ?

[Suggest anyone interested in the truth read David Talbot's epochal book, The Devil's Chessboard.]


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May 25, 2015

The young communist:
LHO: My name is Lee Oswald, and I've come to renounce my American citizenship.
Synder: Why would you do that?
LHO: I'm a Marxist.
Synder: You're a Marine, for God's sakes. Marines don't defect.
LHO: I've seen enough of democratic society, of capitalistic society. My mother worked her whole life making profits for capitalists. They push you down and they never appreciate who you are.
Synder: Have a seat. How old are you?
LHO: Twenty. 20 years and 13 days.

May 25, 2015

Mindset of a mad man:
LHO: George, you've heard of this General Edwin Walker?
George: Of course.
LHO: He's the crazy racist John Bircher who caused all that trouble at Ole Miss. And now he wants the United States to invade Cuba. He's going all over the country attacking communism. And Castro.
George: You know, Walker lives right here in Dallas.
JHO: No, he doesn't.
George: Yes, he does.
JHO: Really? What if someone killed Hitler before he came to power? I ask you, how many lives could have been saved?

May 25, 2015

Secret Agents on the deadly turn:

Agent A: Now, the parade will travel down Main Street here. We slow to 15 miles an hour so the crowds can get a good look at Lancer (codename for JFK). These tall buildings on either side ... this is like a canyon. There's more than 20,000 windows along this parade route. We'll be sitting ducks. We have to assume the President's car will be open, unless it's raining. Here at Dealey Plaza, we make a right on Houston.
Agent B: Can't we avoid this? There's a 120-degree turn onto Elm. It's gonna slow the motorcade down to a crawl.
Agent A: No. The only way under the Stemmons Freeway is from Elm.
Agent B: This town makes me nervous. You know Dallas is the murder capital of the country.

May 25, 2015

Jackie: Jack used to love to listen to the album from the Broadway musical Camelot. King Arthur and Lady Guinevere. He'd listen to it at night before falling asleep. He loved the final line:

Don't let it be forgot
"that once there was a spot,"
"for one brief shining moment,"
"that was known as Camelot."


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