The Sweet Far Thing

The Sweet Far Thing

Book - 2007
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Jul 04, 2017

Literally the worst ending to a trilogy EVER. SO disappointed. I loved the first two books and the third one was drawn out and anticlimactic. I feel like the actual events could've been condensed to 200 pages. I HATE what happened to the Kartik and Pippa! Honestly, I felt that for an 800-pg book, the actual ending was rushed and could've been described better. The third book really sucked and it ruined the entire series for me.

JCLKinsleyR Oct 07, 2013

I devoured this series, one right after the other. The dress on the cover drew me in and the talk of dances and debuts won me over. I was surprised to enjoy the fantasy side of the other realms.

Bookworm11_a Jul 07, 2013

Okay I have to say that was one of the most amazing books I have ever read. But there were certain points where I was very disappointed.
For one I did not like the ending what so ever. Okay fine the worlds are at peace and the magic is for everyone but, Kartik ending up taking Mrs.Spence's place as the tree honestly just really sucked. I wanted him and Gemma together.
That was pretty much the big point that I was disappointed at.
Another would be Pippa's death which I did not like at all. Okay the castle got sucked into the ground and they all just died with it, but that is so BORING. Also how did Wendy and Bessie end up being friends in the end? They constantly hated each other through out the whole book and all of a sudden they are working together. This links to something I am confused about, HOW DID WENDY SURVIVE? There was a blood bath and tons of people were killed but little old Wendy had survived it all. The fact that she had been in the Winterlands for that long and some how made is thorough without a scratch really amazes me.

In the end I will say that was an amazing series and totally worth reading and the wait. Libba you are an amazing author!

Nov 17, 2012

If you are a vapid, superficial, impatient teenager who likes happy endings, you probably won't like this book. Bray piles on the dark and gloomy in this last installment, and does an excellent job of it. The conflict between the characters is apparent and gut wrenching, you really get the sense of how alone Gemma feels in the presence of her friends.

JewelMcLatchy Jul 15, 2012

Have to say this was the best of the trilogy (agree with other comments from mberk too) and I personally found it impossible to put down, reading much later than I had intended just to finish it. Bittersweet ending for sure, but I'm glad it was more realistic than just happy endings and loose strings being tied up. An excellent and compelling read that didn't feel like 800+ pages at all.

mberk Apr 26, 2012

This was one of those rare occurrences where the final book in the trilogy is far better than the first 2. I really enjoyed this book -it was my guilty pleasure - along the lines of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

Mar 17, 2012

funny how i loved the first book, he second was ok but i have yet to convince myself to read this one. just like the hunger games trilogy... ;)

Aug 30, 2011

This was a good/ok series, but certainly not the best I've ever read. I really didn't like how this book ends. It's also extremely long - 819 pages- and took me forever to read. I just wanted to finish it and start something better. I did enjoy the time period this was set in, though, and how the author described what it was like to live in this era. Overall, I would only recommend reading this book if you absolutely loved the first 2 books. Otherwise, it isn't worth the time or effort to read this huge book!

Jan 30, 2011

Just FANTASTIC! I literally fell in love with the series upon picking it up! As I read each of the books. I continued to be amazed by there brilliance. They took me on a very emotional ride. I laughed, I cried and I loved! I have no complaints about this book or the whole series. And to sum it all up The Sweet Far Thing was an excellent end to this series! It was truely PERFECT! Atleast for me :) I will surely be re-reading this one!!! Reccommended to all fans of a one of a kind read!

Nov 26, 2010

I LOVE this series, but I really didn't like the ending, I hate what happens to Kartik at the end but the thing I love most is how she gets through everything, even the worst parts near the end.

Jun 06, 2010

This book was great! A great finale for the series and it' s the best book in the series.

Jun 05, 2010

I absolutely adore this series, Libba Bray is so talented and creative, this was my favourite book of all of them all and i didn't mind the ending, i cried and cried through most of it and i love how Gemma, though in all reality isn't as special as Fee or Ann or Pip or any one, but Gemma still moves on, and trudges through the worst of it, only moving forward.

Apr 15, 2010

I LUV THESE SERIES!! it is a great read even though it is quite thick. But its worth it!! Karthik sound really hot -just what i think- but the series was the best iam reading it a second time!

Dec 09, 2009

The third and final part of the Gemma Doyle series, The Sweet Far Thing was an excellent read. Gemma really grows in this book, she is more than just a slave to society, and is instead a woman, someone who is strong and ready to show her power. I loved this book and I thought that it was a good way to end the series.

Dec 08, 2009

The last book of a good series. Most people didn't like it because of the ending, but I don't mind it if a book doesn't end with ever possible good thing coming to pass. The ending was kind of sad, but that's life.

May 14, 2009

I thought this book was a complete letdown. Albeit the entire series wasn't very good, but this one stood out. The ending was terrible, I was even on the verge of hoping the main character would kick the bucket. This book is 820 pages long, I suffered through 810 pages, considered it a complete waste of my time and put it on my shelf never to be opened by me again. My advice is to not read this book, but that's just my opinion.

Apr 15, 2009

i loved this book ..interesting and it made me cry because one of my favorite characters died and i was soo pissed but it was a good book very cute

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