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Mar 06, 2020

a trivialization of one of the most traumatizing events of my generation, with all the profundity of a comic strip, and a couple only of performances to bring some degree of dignity to this otherwise sorry project

Jan 29, 2020

steve believes that a man named oswald killed a man named kennedy so he takes off from there. the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. make sure that one is an accurate one, or you'll produce horse manure. YOU--that means we americans, including future ones who weren't around--DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT, UNTIL YOU LOSE IT

Jan 27, 2020

Stephen King has been described as the big mac and fries of literature but after watching most of this I think he's the three stale french fries with a diluted coke and ice of pop culture. In other words, dregs.

When sci fi meets horror it's less science and more attempts to be scary so it ends up schlock.

Nov 06, 2019

This pic blew my mind at first, then became less interesting despite it's twists and turns.

Apr 16, 2019

Held my interest, many side stories, quirky, actually very quirky. Interesting.

Nov 19, 2018

I enjoyed this series. I especially liked Lee Harvey Oswald's character in this Thought he was great, and his interaction with his co-actors. I always thought, 'What would have happened if JFK was not shot?' This offers possibilities. Thought this mini series was well done.

Aug 24, 2018

Excellent series. Held my interest while binge watching. Anything with the Kennedy assassination is worth a look. Great supporting cast. The relationship between Oswald and Marina was done really well and the Franco's love interest was beautiful and should be a bigger star in the future. ~420

Dec 26, 2017

This was excellent. A story that actually sees itself through to the end and then completes the answer to the question "what if"?

Sep 18, 2017

awesome,though i thought the ending was odd

Adaptations of Stephen King stories are all over the map in terms of quality. This is one of the better efforts. The novel is huge so a miniseries makes sense. Slight changes were made for this TV adaptation and that's fine. King, apparently, had a tight grip on the script, casting, and pretty much everything else. Most of it was shot in small towns near Toronto, Canada. Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas was used as well. Schomberg, Ontario, Canada subbed for Main Street, Holden, Kentucky - including a cool overhead shot from a drone. The Scruffy Duck bar/pub in Schomberg was a key scene as a Holden bar where lead character James Franco meets key characters Tom Turcotte and Frank Dunning. Lots of other Ontario towns lend locations: Guelph, Orono, Ayr's Queen's Tavern, Hamilton GO Station, Orono, Downsview Toronto.

Jul 16, 2017

Nice adaptation of King's novel. James Franco does a convincing job. Sarah Gadon is a doll, and the plot keeps you glued to the storyline. Nice job overall.

Infolass Jul 03, 2017

Stephen King is back on my radar! The President Kennedy assassination, a topic of interest to many, drew me to this item in the catalogue. I did not even realise this was a mini-series until I pressed play. This adaption from book to screen is beautifully done with attention to detail for the period setting of the early 1960's in the USA.

The underlying premise of the story centres on Jake's journey back to 1960 and attempt to change history by confirming Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the killer and thus stopping the assassination.

James Franco's central character Jake steers the story and keeps the viewer engaged. The cast of characters for Jake include the well played "brother" Billy, love interest Sadie and mentor Al played by Chris Cooper.

Will Jake change the course of history? But this is fiction, certainly inspired by true events and it is an engaging story that takes us for a ride...

May 31, 2017

This is a pretty good adaptation of the excellent Stephen King book- it doesn't go as far as King does but it gets the basic idea right. One thing about the series was that the lead James Franco very often seems to be on the verge of smirking- basically he's not a good actor as he can't carry off the basic function of an actor- being believable. Still if you're a fan of Stephen King then this mini-series is worth watching ( Franco isn't totally off putting like he is in most of his projects ).

Apr 04, 2017

Awesome, enjoyable thriller!

Mar 12, 2017

I haven't read the book yet, so I can't speak to how faithful an adaptation this is, but I liked the meshing of historical fiction and thriller the miniseries is.

Dec 30, 2016

This miniseries was okay, ...but a lot of stuff in the miniseries is missing, it didn't have everything in it that the book has. The miniseries could have had more than 8 episodes, so it could have everything in it that was in the book.

Dec 06, 2016

This is not a movie. It's a miniseries that's about seven hours long. Be warned...

Nov 26, 2016

Compelling, gripping, fascinating, and entertaining. But I thought the ending was rushed. A lot of questions remain.

Nov 20, 2016

Please watched Back to the Future II, or even Terminator Genesys.

Sep 11, 2016

This film is another one of those that characters traveled back in time to change the past. Unlike the appx. two hour long Terminators, Hot Tub Time Machine, Looper, 12 monkeys, Predestination, I'll Follow You Down etc., this film became a 1960's melodrama and a circuitous proof of the Butterfly Effect and the old idiom: Be careful what you wish for. Change made to an event in the past may result in unforeseen and deadly consequences.

Aug 20, 2016

I've never read a Stephen King book and never plan to...It just seems like most of the TV shows and mini-series based on his stuff seem to suck. This is along those lines, definitely not great, somewhat interesting until they begin to flesh out the characters and then I lost all interest. I think he comes up with really great IDEAS that are more compelling in a feature length movie (Carrie, Christine, Shawshank, Green Mile, The Mist, etc). It could also be that a lot of his stuff was adapted in the late '70s to '80s when special effects were pathetic. I would skip this - and, by the way, time travel to the past is not only ridiculous and impossible it is a cheap plot device.

May 11, 2016

Silly movie based upon King's silly book [King ardently believes all the bilge and balderdash from frauds, Posner and Bugliosi, who were paid quite well and not for copies sold!]. Just read the declassified documents from the CIA, FBI and State Department: 5 months prior to 11/22/63, the CIA contacts known assassin, Jean Souetre [French Army deserter, already involved in a failed attempt on President De Gaulle of France], and on the day of 11/22/63, an expulsion order, traced back to the CIA and not the INS, is issued to pick up and deport Jean Souetre in Dallas, Texas! [An expulsion order to deport a known assassin, after the murder of President Kennedy in the same effing city!]
Several weeks before 11/22/63, Pfc. Eugene B. DInkin, a crypto operator and cryptoanalyst stationed at an NSA site in Metz, France, to monitor OAS sites [a fascist rightwing paramilitary group which Jean Souetre and the other assassins belonged to], intercepts several cables between the CIA station in Italy and an OAS site, detailing the date for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Dinkin would sound the alarm, and be arrested and shipped back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be thoroughly worked over by a CIA MK ULTRA team [violent electro-shocking, plus schizophrenia-inducing drugs administered, which scramlbed his mind and story].
And on and on. . . Oswald was not involved!

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